Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oishii Tokyo - the tasty way to see the town

Tokyo, in recent years, has famously become the most Michelin starred city in the world and guide books abound of the gastronomic delights available to the nascent visitor. The cost of an evening on the town can comfortably range from a few dollars to a few thousand and the range can be exquisite though in some cases a little surprising to those new to Japanese foods. You won't find whale at at every restaurant, but you just might find something still alive.

But if you'd like an experience a little out of the ordinary, something off the beaten tourist track, it has traditionally been somewhat problematic to find. The average visitor to Tokyo simply doesn't know where to go and if they stumble across a local experience they are often confronted with the immovable wall of the Japanese language barrier. Pointing at the food on the next table and giving the thumbs up helps but is only going to get you so far, what you really need is a food guide for an evening.

And now you have one. Oishii Tokyo (Tasty Tokyo) is a fluently bilingual wonderful new start up that takes the unsuspecting guest in town to locations where the Japanese themselves will go rather than just the tourists. Not just somewhere in a travel book, your guides will spend an evening introducing local backstreets and the food and atmosphere to be found there, talking about the contents of your plate and life in Japan in general. And a guest of theirs was recently seen carrying a copy of one of my books. Though I'm sure the great food and interesting conversation made up for that....

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