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A Flash Mob Wedding in Japan

When Kaneko-sensei married Chihiro, the woman of his dreams, we never saw this one coming. Japanese weddings can be surprising affairs.

Fix You

After the earthquake of March 2011my twelve year old son made a video to try to help. It did more than we would ever know. It helped people start to cry.

This is the same video as above but includes Japanese subtitles. This was a direct result of a request that came from  Tohoku

On May 21, 2012 there was a solar eclipse that cut an arc across Tokyo. Although a cloudy day, by using a high gain video camera I managed to capture the moment we saw the dark side of the moon.

When the earthquake struck, the staff of a store in Sendai were heroes in moving everyone to safety, the store manager returning twice to ensure it was cleared. This video shows the moment the earthquake started and continues until the camera is destroyed by the violence of the shaking.

April 11, 2011, a month to the day after the Tohoku earthquake, an aftershock struck as I was at work. Picking up my phone I videoed the first part until a call came in from my son to tell me the dogs were OK.

Typhoons make landfall in Japan usually from May through to August. In June 2012, typhoon Guchol crossed through the mountains of central Japan, something quite unusual. The noise hits you first.

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