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A quick and easy guide to using TenguLife

Follow on Twitter: Feel free to follow TenguLife on Twitter. Every article posted here will be Tweeted as well;

Translation: A translation button is included for multiple different languages. Knowing how this can sometimes go tragically wrong, it's been checked and given an 8/10 by French, Spanish, Russian and German native speakers;

Popular Posts: This includes both this week's popular posts (interestingly, sometimes older posts suddenly come to back to life) and, if you scroll further down, there are the all-time popular articles from the history archives; 

Contact: This emails TenguLife directly. Feel free to place comments and ask questions; I do read and reply. I've made quite a few like-minded friends this way!

Search: The search function allows for look-up by subject; simply type the word and press the go button;

Archive: This includes all posts since inception sorted by date. It's always interesting for me to see how the style has progressed over time;

Facebook: You can follow TenguLife on Facebook too. All articles are reposted there so you're not going to miss anything!

RSS: This is very new so feel free to let me know if it's misbehaving;

Comments: It is possible to comment on an article directly but you need to be a 'logged-on Blogger' to do so. If this doesn't work for you, feel free to send the comment via 'Contact' and I'll post it for you;

Guest Writers: This is a "Coming Soon" service. If you have the occasional story about Japan you'd like to post but don't want to create a full blown blog, here's your chance. More details later...

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