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I arrived, fresh faced, on a two year assignment from my company in London to the affiliate in Japan. That was in 1991 and I haven't quite got around to leaving yet. In the intervening years I've worked in finance, automotive, luxury and sports. My days in the sports industry led to the privilege of meeting some of the top athletes in the world, past and present, and I have to say all of them have been surprisingly approachable and genuine people.

These days I write about the country. My first book "The Beginner's Guide to Japan" has caught the eye of many Japanese colleagues who ask if I'll have it translated so they can understand what it is that foreigners don't understand about Japan. May be one day. My second book is the story of the earthquake and follows what happened around me as the disaster unfurled. The third "The Expat's Guide to Japan" is a companion to The Beginner's Guide and focusses on all those things in business that are designed to make life just that little more complicated and, more importantly, how to make them simple again.

In addition to writing I also speak about Japan at corporate events on various subjects ranging from "Building a Billion Dollar Business" to "Extreme Crisis Management" and of course, "The Beginner's Guide". If you have any questions about life, work or play here please feel free to leave a comment below (and please include an email address so I can reply) or email me directly at jonathan@tengulife.com.

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  1. Hi! I am Nerissa, a Filipino living in Italy.
    I just started a website dedicated to the lives of all those living in a country other than the one where they were born. Thru PeopleAbroad.org I intend to increase connections, awareness, and understanding among people.
    Sorry for taking some of your precious time. If you are not interested please stop reading it now and forgive me for my intrusion.
    I would like to ask you to contribute to the website by writing one post with photos and/or videos about any region of the world. Your post will be linked to your personal websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter account, and/or anything else you like, in order to promote your own activity.
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    This website is still under construction, I do not have yet made it available to search engines for indexation. I am just starting and that is why your help is essential.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Nerissa, sounds interesting. Easiest way to contact me is with


      look forward to talking through the idea.

      Best, Jonathan

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