So what exactly is TenguLife all about? Well, the objective is to explain some of the curious aspects and experiences encountered in (and sometimes out of) Japan. I aim to be family friendly and regularly address lighter issues, though not always, and will debate serious points where helpful.  

I fact-check everything here but have no problem if someone identifies an error; feel free to let me know. You'll have my thanks and possibly a discount code to my books if it was a whopper. All opinions are my own so if you disagree, well, they're still my opinions. I'll publish your thoughts in the comments section (as long as they meet the "family friendly" requirement).

And if you're wondering, a Tengu is an inquisitive and sometimes mischievous, magical creature, part man, part bird, that lives in the caves under Mount Fuji and flies the skies above. Welcome to TenguLife, I hope you enjoy.

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  1. In your article regarding How Sumo Saved Charlie Chaplin's Life, the word 'courtesy' is spelled incorrectly.