So what exactly is TenguLife all about? Well, the objective was to explain some of the more curious aspects and experiences encountered in (and sometimes out of) Japan. I aim to be family friendly and regularly address lighter issues, though not always, and will debate serious points where helpful.  

However (and I still aim to be family friendly) after ten years of enjoying writing about interesting aspects of Japan (did you know Charlie Chaplin was nearly assassinated in Tokyo if he hadn't gone to the sumo at the last moment) I decided it was time for a change of direction. So, as of the article "10" I also now write about my life here as well. Hope you enjoy and if you do arrive on these shores and make mistakes, be re-assured, I've been there before you...

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  1. In your article regarding How Sumo Saved Charlie Chaplin's Life, the word 'courtesy' is spelled incorrectly.