Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Tengu Life

So what exactly is a Tengu? An interesting question that in a way answers itself. The Tengu is a mythical Japanese creature, inquisitive in nature and often somewhat mischievous. Half man, half bird, they live in the labyrinth of tunnels under Mt Fuji, coming out when they feel there is need to protect the mountains and forests of Japan.

TenguLife is written to raise thoughts about interesting aspects of Japan, the culture, its pure awesomeness (!) and sometimes its shortcomings. Although never attempting to answer questions in full, the aim is to introduce ideas for readers to research further. Occasionally someone drops me a question and I learn something new in the process which is always a pleasure.

Having written about John Lennon in the mountains of Japan, Uber, why traffic lights are green but everyone calls them blue, what to do in an earthquake and the oldest book on the planet, it is an interesting process. And someone has very kindly nominated it for a global award as an introduction to life in Japan. If you enjoy this blog, please feel free to vote for it. The finishing line is 16 February. Scroll down until you see TenguLife, click and vote. Please have a good race.

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