Thursday, February 12, 2015

The International eXchange and eXperience Top Blogs of 2015 - if you enjoy stories of Japan!

The IXX15 is an annual competition for the top blogs written outside the bloggers home country seeking to introduce life in their host country. From the UK I arrived in Japan in 1991 and haven't quite got around to leaving yet and started writing this blog to explain some of the more interesting (and sometimes just plain peculiar) aspects of the country and the culture. 

Nominated by readers, it's an open vote for all and so if you do enjoy reading it and would like to vote please feel free. Click the link, select TenguLife and then simply hit the vote button. And you'll have my sincere and unreserved gratitude! And a promise to continue writing about the stranger aspects of Japan from whales to traffic lights to walking backwards through the streets of Tokyo to saying hello to the neighbours and a dilemma in the snow. And where John Lennon enjoyed tea in the forests of Karuizawa!

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