Monday, February 23, 2015

And the winner is...

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for TenguLife in the recent IXX15 awards. It didn't win but there is always next year. The winner was a Dutch blog about life in Ireland and I really wish I could read it but the amount of Dutch I know could fit in a frog's ear. However it did actually come in as the #1 ranked blog in Japan and that made me smile. There are some outstanding pieces of work out there and congratulations to everyone who was nominated. 

TenguLife is written to explain some of the curious aspects of life in Japan. When you land at Narita everything is just a little different. The "Welcome to Japan" sign actually says "Welcome home" in Japanese. The country is incredibly friendly but green traffic lights are called blue and when you leave the office in the evening people will thank you for being tired. 

So if you have a question about Japan or what life is like on the ground, feel free to ask. I always love to emphasise how important it is to leave the concept that everything is "just plain wrong" at the door. Japan is different, and sometimes a little frustrating, (and sometimes very frustrating), but it's not wrong, it's just different. I hope you enjoy reading more. Let's see how we do next year...

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