Thursday, November 28, 2013

If you ever wondered where those discount luxury items come from, here's one way

One source of discount luxury goods arises from a  uniquely Japanese situation, the hostess club. Hostess bars are common ground for businessmen who overtime will fall for the old routine of “she must really like me”. He will, overtime, develop a favourite and at some point she will lead him into the discussion of her favourite luxury brand. She may say that Louis Vuitton has released a new bag and that she thinks they’re wonderful. 
In a vain attempt to gain her pleasure he will purchase the bag and present it to her as a gift. Each night she then plays the same game with a different customer. By the end of the process she may now have several identical Luis Vuitton bags, all but one of which she keeps carefully in the original wrapping and promptly sells them to a discount retailer. The one she keeps she shows to each of of her customers and tells him that’s the one he bought specially for her and she loves it. The punter is happy and the girl has made a little spare cash. Everybody wins.

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