Friday, January 24, 2014

Karaoke - Tokyo 2020, an Olympic Sport?

As the phrase goes, one of the great things about being over forty is that we did all out stupid stuff before the internet. How true. And how grateful I am.

One of my favourite pastimes used to be karaoke, the Japanese sport where quality matters less than passion and commitment. When the audience goes quiet you know there is only one of two reasons for this. The singer is incredible, or they're rubbish. And every time my friends told me I was rubbish, I knew in my heart of hearts they were just plain wrong and wouldn't appreciate talent if it jumped up and bit them.

And then someone invented the camera phone. Hard to argue over a cold morning coffee when you hear you're flat, off-key and your timing is not overly enhanced by the four beers you had before taking to the stage. At least not as much as you thought it was.

But then you venture out again. You're on stage, the lights come up, the words crystallise on the screen, and you're a star! Faster, Higher, Stronger. For Tokyo 2020, karaoke should be an Olympic event!

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