Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book 2 - Draft 1 - Complete! The Expats Guide to Japan

Writing the first guide to life in Japan "But Why - The Essential Beginner's Guide to Japan" was actually very enjoyable. However, when it was nearly complete I began to have a nagging sense that I was writing for two different audiences. Within the book were guides on how to live and go to the onsen but there were also sections on how to manage Japanese teams and when to develop you sense that a business meeting was going horribly wrong. Possibly the same reader but possibly not.

As a result I took the decision to split the book in two. This allowed me to move into even more areas of interest for the new arrival in Japan, no matter what their background and also to develop a separate work that really focussed on the key techniques to management in the Japanese environment. The style and accessibility the same, the content different. The second book will be called "But Why? - The Expat's Guide to Japan" and today I (more or less) completed the first draft. Now the hard work really begins...

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