Monday, January 20, 2014

An amphitheatre with a park on top in the centre of Tokyo?

An amphitheatre in the centre of Tokyo...

With a park on top....

And a futsal court in the middle...

Ohashi junction just west of Shibuya is big. Really big. It links Route 3, the main feeder for the highway to Nagoya and Osaka, to the Yamate Tunnel which lets you skip hours of traffic above ground and cut north straight underneath Tokyo. And it took nearly twenty years to complete.

The junction is a massive spiral bridge that links the highway 20m (60ft) above ground to the tunnel 30m (100ft) below ground. But instead of leaving it open with noise and smog, they closed it off and  built something resembling a Roman Amphitheatre. They put a park on the roof and a futsal court on the middle.

Now that's how to use a highway in the centre of Tokyo. 

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