Friday, July 31, 2015

A Short User Guide to TenguLife

TenguLife set out with the objective to introduce some of the lesser known and, in many ways, more curious, aspects of life in Japan. Now, with several hundred articles, it's arguably only just scratching the surface of the country and culture. And so if you're looking for something specific, interested in browsing popular posts, would like to send a comment or wished I'd write in anything other than English, here's a few how too's:

Follow on Twitter: Feel free to follow TenguLife on Twitter. Every article posted here will be Tweeted as well;

Translation: A translation button is included for multiple different languages. Knowing how this can sometimes go tragically wrong, it's been checked and given an 8/10 by French, Spanish, Russian and German native speakers;

Popular Posts: This includes both this week's popular posts (interestingly, sometimes older posts suddenly come to back to life) and, if you scroll further down, there are the all-time popular articles from the history archives; 

Contact: This emails TenguLife directly. Feel free to place comments and ask questions; I do read and reply. I've made quite a few like-minded friends this way!

Search: The search function allows for look-up by subject; simply type the word and press the go button;

Archive: This includes all posts since inception sorted by date. It's always interesting for me to see how the style has progressed over time;

Facebook: You can follow TenguLife on Facebook too. All articles are reposted there so you're not going to miss anything!

RSS: This is very new so feel free to let me know if it's misbehaving;

Comments: It is possible to comment on an article directly but you need to be a 'logged-on Blogger' to do so. If this doesn't work for you, feel free to send the comment via 'Contact' and I'll post it for you;

Guest Writers: This is a "Coming Soon" service. If you have the occasional story about Japan you'd like to post but don't want to create a full blown blog, here's your chance. More details later...

In addition to these functions, there are also links to Blogs on Japan I enjoy as well a number of interesting videos. The bookshop covers the (fascinating) companion books to this site which are also available on Amazon and from a number of other e-Commerce vendors.

I hope you enjoy reading TenguLife, I enjoy writing it.

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