Thursday, April 16, 2015

You may kiss the bride...


It's generally assumed on the ground in Japan that international marriages are predominantly between Japanese women and foreign men. Interestingly the statistics show otherwise and it's a great example of sample bias. Over 70% of international marriages are actually with a foreign bride. Maybe the 28% of foreign guys are just louder about it....


International weddings were becoming more and more common in Japan up to 2006 when the immigration laws were changes and have since been in consistent decline year by year. Typically it is  said to be more often the foreign husband who meets his bride here rather than the other way around though recent statistics are beginning to contradict this. Although life after a wedding cake brings its own interesting moments the wedding itself can provide some interesting cultural differences too.

A Japanese friend of ours was getting married to a European she'd met in Tokyo and invited us to the celebration. At the moment the words "you may kiss the bride" were spoken he lifted her veil and leant forward for their first kiss as a married couple. She looked at him and thirty years of cultural upbringing kicked in. She dodged left and avoided the kiss. He tried again and she swung right. Different cultures, different styles.

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