Thursday, January 8, 2015

A red moon rising over Tokyo

There's a moment of sheer brilliance in the recent movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" when Walter, played by Ben Stiller, catches up with the photographer he's been searching for. They are in the high mountains of Afghanistan and the photographer, Sean Penn, had been waiting for a mountain leopard to appear. As the beautiful animal emerges between the rocks, instead of taking the picture, Penn simply smiles. "Sometimes", he says, leaning back from his camera, "it's simply better to watch".

Last night I was having dinner at the Hacienda del Sol in Daikanyama, a small neighbourhood in Tokyo. Our table was by the window with a view in the direction of Roppongi and beyond that the lights of the northern perimeter of the city. And then, as we looked down from our ninth floor vantage, a brilliant red full moon rose between Sengokuyama and Tokyo Tower. And, as with the snow leopard, we all sat back and simply watched this breathtaking sight. Sorry, no picture but that left in the memory.

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