Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life is a minestrone

Japan is often overlooked on the global tour circuit. It's been nearly a year since McCartney and The Stones blew the roof off Tokyo Dome but since then pretty much nothing. One Direction will be here next month admittedly but I'm something of an alternative target age group for that one. Springsteen is rumoured to be coming in 2016 after a decade long hiatus and U2 have avoided the west coast of the Pacific for almost as long.

So it's down to the small clubs to put on the show. In central Tokyo there are two venues that regularly book great artists who wouldn't otherwise arrive on our shores. At The Blue Note I once saw The Duke Ellington Band play an incredible gig, and though The Duke himself had long wandered off this mortal coil, the band were still going strong. The second location is Billboard in the heart of Tokyo Midtown, a candidate for the worst designed complex ever but the club is great.

And last night was awesome. 10cc played for the decade. I grew up to their music and although only Graham Gouldman remains from the original line up, the other band members can trace their roots back to the early days so the feeling and sound was tight. These small venues keep the circuit alive. New bands and those of the like 10cc, past their commercial peak but with an incredible back catalogue can come and wow the audience. And wow them they did last night. Great show if you have the time.

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