Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Last Friday before Christmas

The expat community of Japan has many interesting societies and gathering that help bind the  diaspora together. 'Brits Not Bankers', 'The St Andrew's Society' and the 'Curry Club of Kobe' are just a few examples of the informal gatherings that occur throughout the year. And now it's Christmas. And there is one that is held just the once each year. The Last Friday Club. Which this year was designated by decree to be Monday, 7th December (it's a long story).

The origins of Last Friday Club date back to 2001 when on the last Friday before Christmas, two foreigners decided to have a quick lunch together and one had a cool little new device called an iPod. Over a couple of beers they prodded and played with this new toy, enjoyed the lunch at Trader Vics and agreed it would be a great idea to catch up again a year later again on the last Friday before Christmas.

Today the group has grown somewhat however membership always rotates. Invited on a blind cc, no one, excepting the organiser, knows who will actually be there on the day. International footballers, the odd coach of a national team, presidents of companies and numerous others take the afternoon off and enjoy a beer and a pina colada together (and there is obviously a story about that too which if you read carefully, you may get the reference). And then it's back to the corporate world and another year until we catch up again. Thanks to all for coming along, great to see you and here's a festive treat...

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