Monday, December 1, 2014

Ten things to do in Karuizawa, central Japan

1   Listen to the frog chorus across the valley in early May

2   Join a garden party celebrating summer and make new Japanese friends over a beer

3   Ride a motorbike across a the north slope of an active volcano

4   Leave a little late and get stuck in traffic (actually, don't do this one, always leave early)

5   Go to the axe shop on Route 18 and buy a teapot from England

6   Take a selfie with the only statue of Sherlock Holmes in Japan

7   Dance the bon-odori in the forest with hundreds in yukata, slowly turning circles in the night

8   Build a treehouse your children designed

9   Relax with a view of Asamayama and read "Last of the Mohicans"

10  Walk the coffee shops and look for pictures of John when he visited with Yoko

11  Hike to the shrine at the peak of the Nakasendo (ok, one more to make up for #4)

Any more?

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