Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Look out Japan, I've arrived!

My new book, "The Expat's Guide to Japan" is nearly ready to roll. The final touches have been made to the edit and the only thing left is the cover shot. Being an expat's guide, the idea was to show an expat with a beautiful Japanese girl in kimono. The brief to Eddie, the expat, was to think "look out Japan I've arrived" and the brief to Rumi, the kimono girl was to think "this is going to end in tears".

The pictures were taken by the wonderful Imano-san from And Photo in Daikanyama. At the end of the planned session she saw an opportunity, grabbed her camera and started working around the pair of them taking some incredible, totally unscripted shots.

And now I have a new problem. There are so many great shots I can't decide what to use for the cover of my new book. But I do know Japan has some very creative, young, female photographers. And I also owe a big thank you to Eddie and Rumi for being awesome and Christophe and Asuka for lending me the sword which is real. And very sharp.

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