Saturday, June 28, 2014

Attention to detail - a national obsession

So last week the taxi that came to collect me in the rain decided to park in my driveway. Unfortunately my car was still in it and the inevitable crunch has landed it in the hospital for two weeks of repairs. However, this being Japan, they have provided me with a replacement to drive whilst waiting for mine to return. And it's none too shabby it has to be said. Not everyday you're lent a $100,000 car to play with.

The interesting, and very Japan element of the experience though was the pre-flight test. The gentleman delivering the vehicle required I examined it and note any existing damage before I took the keys. I walked around it and confirmed it was in perfect condition, not a scratch to be seen. He looked at me somewhat shocked and took out his notes which clearly identified eight separate scratches that I'm sure you'd need to be a CSI to have discovered. 

Japan has a passion for precision and detail. Every scratch, every dent, every tiny nick is discovered, noted and logged. And that even included underneath the front spoiler. 

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