Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Englishman's keyboard in Japan

At the moment I'm sitting nervously awaiting the outcome of the third attempt at recovering my sick Mac from it's TimeCapsule back up. The first two completed but then helpfully said they didn't want to work because there was an error. Which particular error is information they kept to themselves. 

If this becomes completely irrecoverable it won't just be a disaster. On this computer, and in it's backup are the only copies of fifteen years of weekly video diary. I'm trying one more time. Thankfully my photographs are on a different back up. If asked the one thing I'd bring with me if there was a fire in the house, this would be it.

In Japan, technical support in English can be a major headache. 99.9% of consumers are Japanese and so naturally almost all support services provide little English back-up. There are a few exceptions for example GOL my ISP that I'm celebrating twenty years with this year. I've only known my wife a few months more than that. And then there's the Apple Genius Bar. And I'm really hoping tomorrow they can fix the problem and recover the diary I've been keeping all these years. If they can't, it will be a tragedy.

Update: Six visits in total. Computer is dead. Backup encryption key has failed. 

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