Thursday, March 20, 2014

Same day delivery in Japan is dead. Now it's same afternoon!

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant in central Tokyo having lunch with my son. I noticed his phone case had seen better days and, feeling generous, suggested he could get another one and I'd pick up the tab. He happily accepted. We got my iPad out, went onto the Amazon Japan site, found the one he'd been subtly hinting at and ordered it. The time was around 1.00PM.

Just after 8.00PM that evening the doorbell rang and there it was. Same day delivery. In fact, same afternoon delivery. I'd had to skip on the "pay on delivery" option and also the "pay at your local convenience store" hadn't been offered. But as I pay through credit card on my account anyway this really wasn't an issue.

Then yesterday I was ordering something from Amazon France for a friend who lives in Paris. It gave me the option of standard delivery in five days or express in three. Sometimes you just feel spoilt living in Japan. The attention to customer services takes you breath away.

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