Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Karuizawa, tennis courts and cool times

Today I arrived in Karuizawa for a few days rest. The international schools (at least some of them) are off and I'm taking the opportunity while I can. Tomorrow I'll explain the title but today I'm sitting rather confused. I've been driving to the same place for nearly ten years now. It's relaxing and cooler (temperature wise) than Tokyo, so great in summer. In winter it's seriously cool but again, that's a different story.

Today's problem happened somewhere between start of journey and destination. For ten years it's taken me 178km to arrive here. And today it took 173km. What happened to the extra five? Same route, only third car but somehow I saved those five kilometres. And they've got to be somewhere.

Japan uses kilometres rather than miles and had switched to litres before the first gulf war that encouraged all of the UK to switch so that no one really understood now much petrol (gasoline if you're still in miles) they were buying. But somehow, today, I saved 5k's. And maybe a little bit of global warming with it.

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