Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Instant okonomiyaki - Awesome!

In my early days in Japan I came across two dishes that I fell in love with and still enjoy today. The first was takoyaki, octopus in dough with sauce, fish flakes and mayonnaise on top. Walking home of an evening there was nothing better than stopping off at the local takoyaki stand and buying some for the journey.

The second type of food I learnt to love was okonomiyaki, a pancake type dish that is full of seafood and vegetable. I had a good friend in those days who used to have a part time job working in an okonomiyaki restaurant and he taught me how to make it. It still surprises the waitresses today when I go to one of these little shops and ask to make my own. They're happy to let you try and delighted when a foreigner can actually make something that reasonably resembles the real article.

Yesterday though a friend told me of a new product he had created. Instant okonomiyaki. Just put it in the microwave and it's ready in a few minutes. Japanese made so the genuine article. Awesome. I know what I'm going to be eating tonight. And tomorrow. And the next day....

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  1. Ha, good post on a yummy Japanese food. But don't go on a steady diet of it.. too much reminiscent of mac and cheese. All those preservatives! Thanks..