Monday, October 6, 2014

So Tokyo is clean again

Typhoon Phanfone paid Tokyo a visit through the early hours and into the morning. By noon the winds had fallen, the broken umbrellas were being collected and the skies were clearing. The air is clean, washed by hours of rain, and the sun is unusually hot as it no longer needs to burn through the pollution we live in on a daily basis. The chances are it will be a brilliant scarlet sunset.

A woman was standing at a bus stop in Shibuya as I came home last night. The winds were still building at the time but enough to make walking difficult. A sudden gust turned her inside out, raincoat over her head, hat long gone. 

The official rainfall was forecast to be 10cm yesterday. Significant under any circumstances but actually  nothing like the final result. I keep a rain gauge outside my house, a simple straight sided cylinder about a handspan across. And it recorded twenty six centimetres. That's over ten inches of water falling across Tokyo in a matter of hours. Tokyo is definitely clean today.

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