Friday, December 20, 2013

And Santa lives!

Christmas decorations aren't the highest priority for most of Japan at this time of year. Standing outside my house it's hard to see another house with lights or a 10 foot Santa apart from on our own home. That was until three days ago when we had a wind storm overnight and Santa decided to fly from our roof and land in the middle of a nearby park.

The following morning he was found by a concerned neighbour lying face down and initially thought to be a party reveller who had imbibed a little too much and was sleeping it off in the grass. The lady soon realised what it was and being the only house with a Santa suddenly became a benefit. She picked Santa up and bundled him over to our door. The first we knew of it was a very sorry looking Santa sitting in the drive.

It has rained since that morning until today when there has been a slight let up. Santa is inflatable and we hadn't been able to check whether his acrobatics had damaged his motor or not until now and plugging him in I was initially disappointed as nothing happened. Checking all the connections I found the loose one and having fixed that Santa stands tall again. He makes neighbourhood smile and I'm glad to say Santa lives again. Though a little more firmly tied down this time.

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