Sunday, March 15, 2015

Formula 1 in Japanese - just who was the greatest of them all?

And so the season begins. Formula 1 is a love it or hate it sport. If you hate it then the trick is don't watch, stop moaning and go and do something you find more rewarding with your time. If you love it, the race for the title starts today. And before we go further I have to confess, I've been a die hard fan since Alan Jones won the Championship all the way back in 1980. And Japan is often front a centre to events.

The Suzuka circuit is one of the drivers' favourites (though access for fans has significant opportunities for improvement). The sport itself here often follows the success of Japanese involvement and this year Honda is back. Or more to the point, at the back. Let's see how they improve through the season though, early days yet. If they start to win, with Jensen Button at the wheel (an ex-World Champion married to a Japanese super-model), the sport will go stratospheric again. The only issue though is that, despite many examples to the contrary, it is only broadcast in Japanese. 

You can watch in real time on SkyPa 613 or you can view an hour out of sync on Fuji TV. But whichever you choose, you're going to be language limited. There are two alternatives though. You can go to one of the many foreign sports bars and join the crowds enjoying the spectacle, beer in hand and time delay out by just a few seconds. Or the second option (allegedly) is to get a VPN and listen on a foreign radio station (allegedly Five Live Sport for example). And (allegedly) you can enjoy your race in English whilst watching with the TV on mute. It's March. Let the race begin!

The Greatest of all Time (note the absence of a question mark)

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