Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Beginner's Guide to Japan - Start Here!

Arriving in Japan, fresh off the plane, I stared through the window of the Limousine Bus as we cruised into Tokyo from Narita Airport. At that point I thought I would only be staying for two years, may be three. It never crossed my mind I'd fall in love with the country and twenty-five years later I'd still be here. But life can be funny like that. 

Japan was a different experience to anything I'd seen before. I couldn't read, write or even say anything in the language having had just a matter of weeks since my company had asked me to transfer. But what an experience it was to turn out to be. Japan is an intriguing, fascinating country and culture unlike anywhere else in Asia or beyond. And at the same time it can frustrating and impenetrable at the start of the journey. 

And so I wrote 'The Beginner's Guide to Japan' to help people on their way. If you're newly arrived, in the middle of your transfer or simply interested in those curious aspects of the country and culture that at first sight may appear to make no sense at all, this was written to explain all those little things I wish I'd known when I first arrived all those years ago. Douzo yoroshiku onnegaishimasu.

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